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doxita is a traveling festival of documentary films that are under 40 minutes in length.  The program, comprised of approximately two hours of film, represents a wide variety of documentary – domestic and foreign, super-short and longer format, serious and funny.  It is designed to profile the great content and artistic vision that non-fiction short films provide, but that people don’t often get a chance to see. 

"All in a Day's Work "

WoodTailorChina's Wild WestBreadmakersShika Shika

These are the films in the 2nd annual doxita:

China’s Wild West (UK, Urszula Pontikos, 10 min.) – An observational and austere look at a group of miners in Western China who chip away at a dry riverbed, hoping to discover jade.

Breadmakers (UK, Yasmin Fedda, 11 min.) - A tender portrait of a unique community of workers with disabilities who work together to produce organic breads for delivery in Edinburgh.  Watching the bread-making is  mesmerizing and observing the intricate social relationships is touching.

Wood (USA, David Fenster, 21 min.) - Beautifully shot images of a Northwest logging company and stories from its employees form this elegy to a rapidly disappearing type of labor that includes pride in work, generational history and physical labor.

Shika Shika (USA, Stephen Hyde, 10 min.) - Filmed in the Peruvian Andes, this spirited film follows one family that for three generations has scaled the Peruvian Andes to “harvest” ice for shika shika, a colorful shaved ice treat they sell in the market.

The Tailor (Spain, Oscar Perez, 31 min. ) - In a small shop in Barcelona, Pakistani tailor Mohamed holds court over mounds of plastic bags containing customer’s clothing.  His unique customer service and relationship with his Indian assistant make for fascinating, and comical, observation. | 917.743.6935


If you are an art/film/music venue, please consider screening the doxita program. If you are a generous soul, please consider funding the doxita cause. In either instance, you can reach us via email at





Doxita Season 1: The Hours of Our Lives is now available on DVD from Indiepix. Click here to purchase the Season 1 DVD.


Past screenings

April 15 : Space Gallery, Portland, ME

May 28 : Center for Documentary Studies, Durham, NC

August 20 : Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX

Sept 18: IFC Center, New York, NY

Sept 21: NC State, Raleigh, NC

Sept 25-6 : Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, OK

Sept 30: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Past seasons

Season 1: The Hours of Our Lives

Season 3: Life is a Progress

Season 4: Inside/Outside